Wire Bound Books

Wire-o Bound Book Printing

Wire-o or coil bound printed books have a professional look and due to the wire binding are extremely durable in a frequent use environment; sales catalogues, technical training manuals, educational reference books. Wire-o Binding also known as coil-bound, or Duo-Wire as a professional functional system for attaching cover and pages of a bound printed document.

Whilst similar in many ways to a spiral coil-bound book, it has a more suave appearance. In use, it denotes an authoritative document. Due to its construction Wire-o binding can quarter varying thickness’s of inserts with ease, not excluding index tabs or dividers of thick card or plastic.

Holes are punched through your books pages and cover then preformed wire loops are inserted along a C-Shape unit and crimped together forming a perfect circle which allows the pages and over to open in a smooth and flowing motion of 360º whislt securing them in a sturdy and long-lasting way.

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