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Grammar tips

It’s quite easy for authors to lose their audience if they are not that attentive to their grammar. So we’ve put together a few tips based on the most common mistakes:

  • Always check what language setting your computer is in. It might be English, but is it American English or UK?
  • Capitals should only be used for the beginning of sentences and proper nouns. Example: The Councillor wrote to the Government, to raise a problem at his local School, where there wasn’t sufficient parking for the Cars. The only letter that requires a capital here is the T found at the beginning of the sentence.
  • In fiction, paragraphs should be indented by a tab, rather than distinguished by spaces between the lines.
  • To break up sentences, use one space, not two.
  • Use italics for the titles of books, songs, films etc.
  • It’s best to use italics if you’re stressing a point too. Rather than capitalising, underlining it or putting it in bold. As these can be distracting to the reader.

Spell checkers aren’t fool proof so it’s always worth actively reading the document yourself. Alternatively asking for a proofread / edit from someone you trust. We can’t undertake this for you and you can contact us for a quote.

Avoid American spell checkers, English Grammar tips are best sought through UK search engines, and suppliers.

Please do not submit your images separately. Place them within the manuscript in the order that you would like them to appear when printed.

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Grammar Tips
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