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Photo Books

  • The profit from a coffee table book or photo book can be greater than that of 400 individual 4″ x 6″ prints.
  • While traditional, digitally printed pages that use text sell for pennies, digital photo pages can sell for pounds.
  • According to InfoTrends (US Photo Merchandise End User Study, 2019). 90% of people who have created photo books expect to do so again. Study participants reported spending about $85 on purchasing and producing photo merchandise in the past year.

Picture books come in all shapes and sizes. From mini to coffee table, and soft cover to elegant, case-bound hard cover. A rapidly growing market for picture and coffee table books has been fueled by the explosion in digital photography. Social networking and photo sharing. As well as the simplicity with which consumers can create, print and purchase photo books. At retail locations, in-store or online.

Being able to print—and profit from—even a small percentage. From the number of digital pictures that are taken each year. Can mean substantial growth for your business. Supplement your existing digital print volumes with the high value, high margin pages that photo books represent. Coffee table books too.

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Photo Books
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