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Paperback Book Printing

As the name suggests, paperback books which are made of cheaper cover of thick paper or paperboard, are easily available at economical and affordable rates. So, their selling pace is rightly higher than standard formatted and prepared books.

As the paperback books are neither stitched nor stapled, they are held together just by glue. Moreover, they are made of recycled paper instead of the new paper. As their cost is low, so they are affordable and cheaper. That is why they are becoming more and more popular these days, because hardbound books are expensive due to high costs. This is a blessing for book lovers in this time of economic recession that paperback books are in the reach of an ordinary man. This is the main reason for the popularity of paperback books.

History of the paper cover book goes back to 19 centuries when paperback editions of books were published, and some original books also were published so. Then these books were published in hardcovers after the initial paperback experience. To make the publishing and printing costs even lower these paper covers were devoid of any illustrations and it was considered a tool to provide low cost books

Paper cover books have some other advantages too. You can easily carry them with you where you go. So, they are easily transported. Novels which are massively printed are specially published in paperback because of this advantage. Such novels are printed exclusively on cheap and recycled paper and there is no illustration on their cover page. That is why these novels are affordable and economically in the reach of reader.

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