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UK Book Printing is a global book publishing company, with a printing setup that specializes in all matters related to book printing. Hardback book printing is one of our distinguishing features, and we take great pride in offering premium quality hardback books. We provide vibrant printing, with high quality, durable binding. UK Book Printing has been in the industry for a decade, and we understand your requirements about book printing, covers and display. We offer a variety of cost-effective printing options and packages, where quality is our brand.

Offering Printing Services for 40 Years

Having been in the printing industry for the last 40 years, we know how to provide high quality hardback books to a wide variety of customers. There is no need for us to talk much, because our services and standards of book publishing speak for themselves. It’s our goal to ensure every book we publish goes beyond meeting our standard of quality, to exceed customer expectations and requirements. From our thick board, to heavy endpaper, our attention to detail starts at the very beginning. We bind paper and cut to size (according to your specifications), physically sew each book by hand (to maintain standards), and even go as far as to offer options for gluing or stitching your book together. At UK Book Printing, you will find quality, customer care, dedication to our work, as well as reliability and affordability. All of these traits come together in UK Book Printing’s services.

High Quality Printing That Matters

While we offer standard publishing and printing services, when it comes to the book material and content, it’s the author who can help the most. We provide our services to authors, as well as anyone looking to forge a career in writing, with standard and affordable package options to fit many budgets. The size of a book largely determines print costs, and ultimately it’s final price. Each printer has it’s own specific press size, and we make sure our sizes fit within all of these parameters. Ensuring every hardback book fits our press sizes provides increased book value, and return on investment. For example, a 9″ wide by 12″ high is a 12″ page signature. By simply changing it to a different format, like 8.5″ wide by 11.24″ high, the signature will produce as a 16″ page signature. Choosing the correct printer for your book can save a lot on your book total when the book page count is larger. Please contact us for more book printing information and further inquiries, or simply visit our blog.

Hardback Book Varieties

Choose from a large variety of hardback options for your book, with several available options as far as materials go. The cover, also referred to as a case, is produced separately from the main book pages (known as text pages). The choice of cover is yours, such as cloth, paper or leather. While leather is a somewhat more expensive material, it is also more durable and instantly creates a bound masterpiece.

Cloth Cover

A less expensive option than a leather cover, cloth covers come in different colors such as: red, maroon, black, green, etc. There are also different cloth types to choose from, like silk, suede, cotton, poly silk and more.

Paper Cover

Being the most common cover, paper covers offer direct print options, making them cheaper and more affordable. Besides our high-quality direct print, we also provide stamps to cover pages, as well as a lot of other enhancements at affordable prices and as part of package deals. We can even emboss or deboss images onto your book covers. Different types of books available in hardback format include:

Children’s Books

Photography Books

Coffee Table Books

Educational Books and more.

It’s easy to print hardback books with UK Books Printing! We simplify and facilitate the entire printing process, providing a variety of packages and choices when you print your book with us. UK Book Printing can turn your vision into reality.

See here for bleeds, design and page sizes etc.

Hardback book printing

If you would like a quote for a custom size, get in touch with a member of the team on +44 333 733 1433 or email info@ukbookprinting.com.