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We can print books in full colour, black and white, as well as a combo of black and white featuring full colour inserts. While the decision is completely up to you, there are various reason for choosing between each option. Colour printing is the most expensive, but it may be necessary depending on the type of book you are printing. For example, if your book contains a small amount of images or annotations, you may have the best results printing in black and white with colour inserts. We provide instant quotes for printing in any combination with our online calculator.
PaperbackMinimum page limit:Matt 80 gsm – 29 single sided and 57 double sided Matt 100 gsm – 29 single sided and 57 double sided Silk 115 gsm – 29 single sided and 57 double sided Silk 130 gsm – 29 single sided and 57 double sidedMaximum page limit:Matt 80 gsm – 260 single sided and 520 double sided Matt 100 gsm – 260 single sided and 520 double sided Silk 115 gsm – 260 single sided and 520 double sided Silk 130 gsm – 260 single sided and 520 double sided
Because textbooks don’t require printing to cover the entire page, we suggest a 15mm margin, with white space around all four edges, minimum. If your book has pages without margins, we insist upon a 5mm bleed margin. We offer pre-formatted book templates to assist you in creating a hardback book ready for printing. You can also give us a call if you prefer for us to design your book, and we can give you a design quote, or direct you to our design service page.

For a faster lead time in processing any book print orders, it’s best to supply two print-ready PDF files. One PDF exclusively for your book cover, and another file for the collective inner pieces. Once you know the final page count and paper choice, we can further assist you in offering advice in regards to cover spine width.

If your file is under 20MB in size, we can accept it directly over email: If it exceeds 20MB you can upload to (or free of charge, with our email address as the recipient. The manuscript should be sent as one complete file in single page order (from page one to the end), with all fonts and images embedded within. Please remember, cover art should always be submitted separately from the manuscript.Should you require any help in setting up your files, or need a printing and/or self publishing quote, please don’t hesitate to call us at +44 333 733 1433.
In the first instance of PDF, loose printed, or fully bound and printed, we supply proofs and deliver within 2-3 working days. Softbacks require 10 working days, hardback take a little more time at 15 days. Should you have a specific publishing date in mind, please notify our team when you place an order, and we will attempt to make arrangements with production to best suit your needs. However, before planning any book launches or signings, it’s always best to get a production schedule agreement in place first.
  • Bleed – 3mm
  • Margin – 5mm
  • Crop marks
  • Resolution – 300 dpi or above
  • Colour – CMYK
  • Fonts & content – embedded
  • Flatten all images and layers
  • Artwork size matches paper size (e.g. A4 file, choose A4 paper size)
  • PDF with single pages (no spreads, except for folded sheets)
  • Consistent page orientation (do not mix landscape & portrait pages)
  • Compress your file size

UK Book Printing prints books in: A5, A4, Royal, Demy, B Format, Crown & Programme or a customisable size of your choice. Alternatively, dependent upon the type of magazine you wish to print, we have various formats to suit all of your printing needs as follows.

A4 210 x 297 mm Perfect for manuals, photo books, recipes, reference books and more.

A5 148 x 210 mm Great for handbooks, directories, novels, and more.

Royal 156 x 234 mm Ideal for graphic novels, travel diaries, works of fiction and more.

Demy 138 x 216 mm Optimal for poetry, novels, guides and more.

B Format 129 x 198 mm Also known as the PocketBook format, this size is excellent for memoirs, pocket guides, short novels, travel guides and more.

Crown Quarto 246 x 189 mm

Programme 240 × 170 mm Just right for booklets and informational brochures.