Book Trailer Promo Video

Book Trailer Promo Video

Book trailers are video teasers created specifically for your book. This video can be composed of video clips, animated shorts, and text excerpts, as well as any detail that would be of interest to your readers. Trailers should create excitement for your book, but how can you go about publicising it?

One question that comes to mind is: are trailers necessary for promoting books? A book is not a movie and you are an author, not a filmmaker. Many authors have varying opinions on the subject, whether they deem them necessary or not. And while the word “necessary” seems a bit strong, you need to take into consideration how socially-connected our society is. We live in a video-frenzied world where a professional book trailer could be harnessed as an extremely helpful tool. Think about it, videos are easy to share and exciting to watch when done properly, and they show the world how serious you are about your own work – which means you will be taken seriously by your readers, too.

How do you create one? There are plenty of resources online in regards to creating a book trailer, as well as lists of current best trailers. Take some time to watch a few videos, and get inspiration from books like yours. It’s worth researching what other people have done, to find what worked and what didn’t.

Assuming that you have already filmed your book trailer, edited it, and are ready to excite a world of readers, how do you proceed? The first most important choice you will make is where you plan to upload your video. Platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo allow you to use keywords and phrases in the description, which should be custom-made to fit your book. This allows you to appear on search results matching your work’s subject matter, so people can find your trailer. You should also be sure to include a link to your website, so readers will know how to purchase your book.

Utilize your professional website by featuring your video on the front page. This allows all of your visitors to see your book trailer the moment your page loads, a very important and obvious step. If you have included a blog on your site, make sure to invest time into writing a post about your new book trailer, how you went about making it and how you hope to see it shared by everyone. Another important detail is to create a newsletter for followers to subscribe to. Your website should be a sort of home base for several aspects of your promotional plan, considering how easily you can connect with readers by sharing event dates, YouTube posts and more.

Some authors create their own LinkedIn profile, to network with book publishers, fellow authors and more. You should take advantage of these connections by using LinkedIn as another platform with which to promote your book. If you have already connected with publishers and other writers, this gives you the opportunity to share your book trailer with them, too.

Bearing in mind, again, how socially-connected our society is, don’t forget to post your trailer on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can post your book trailer on your personal author page, profile or Facebook Groups geared toward authors. Twitter also allows you to post links, with a snippet of text, so get creative with your tweet. It is also completely acceptable to post about your book multiple times, ensuring you don’t go overboard – find a balance. Also consider looking into other platforms, such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Google+ and more.

Book trailer contests, while not widely known, are another easy way to share your video. Take some time to see what videos won in the past, and look into how people responded to their formatting, etc. It’s easy to regularly search Google to find how your book fits into various contests.

Host book trailer premieres at various locations, to share your video with personal friends, associates and more. You may look into using a local coffee shop, book store, etc., and publicize it by creating a Facebook event, blog post or even the local press. There are also book fairs and expos that present the opportunity to share your book trailer at your own booth. Attendees of these sort of events are looking for the next big thing, so it’s definitely an opportunity to take advantage of.

Sharing your book trailer should essentially become your most important goal after it’s been posted online. Don’t forget to share it on more obvious sites such as your Amazon Author Page, where many readers may discover you for the first time. Another good place to promote your video is Goodreads; readers initially find authors and titles here every day. Members publish reviews, post discussions, ask for recommendations or just leave simple comments. Having an interactive author that is interactive and in touch with their fan base is definitely something that will excite readers.

If the success of your book is significant to you, and you have taken the steps to create a top notch-book trailer, sharing it with the world should be equal in importance. Hopefully, you’ll find our tips helpful in gaining new readers, as well as viewers for your trailer. In the end, your hard work and dedication should lead to book sales and further exposure as an author