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Book Printer Sizes

Being a Book Printer is our business. We can create your title in almost any size, but just as a general guide, here are some sizes available to you:

  • 198x129mm (UK B Format)
  • 203x127mm (USA B Format)
  • 210x148mm (A5)
  • 216x138mm (Demy)
  • 229x152mm (USA Royal)
  • 234x156mm (UK Royal)
  • 246x171mm (Pinched Crown)
  • 246x189mm (Crown Quarto)
  • 240x170mm (Bespoke)
  • 156x156mm (Square Bespoke)
  • 210x210mm (Square Bespoke)
  • 297x210mm (A4)

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions or wish for advice on what size would be best for your title.

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Choosing a book trim size is very important, a Book Printer can advise. This decision should be made before setting the manuscript. It will save a lot of time and money at the end. If you are using Microsoft Word to create your manuscript look at our download templates

When it comes to printing, size does reflect in the production costs. So it is best to use any size upto and including 234x156mm (Royal) for best value for money. Once you go over this size the higher price becomes applicable.

Although we list some of the regular book sizes used in publishing, we can produce books to any size. So, please ask a member of our team.

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